Classic Series -

Our Classic series Nitro Gas shock is to meet or exceed OEM specifications. So we can ensure that you have an quality replacement in your vehicle.

More suited for Passenger Vehicles or light SUV vehides.

Performance Series -

Our Performance series is where it gets more serious about performance,The ‘Foam Cell’ that makes all the difference is a micro-cellular foam insert that helps to drastically reduce the effects of shock fade, allowing your shocks to perform better for longer, even on the harshest of corrugations.

Designed specifically to improve handling and offering great comfort on the road.

If you are looking to enhance your vehicle's performance and suspension, then this is your best option.

Ultimate Series -

Our Ultimate series are built tough offering a superior ride and exceptional handling using Remote Reservoir technology across a wide variety of 4WD vehicles making it the first choice for our consumers.


Since the launch of WEBCO shock absorbers in 2012, we have had many years of experience in the Automotive industry from light vehicle suspension repairs to developing and manufacturing our own shock absorbers.

WEBCO shocks were designed and developed for a project sprint car company 'Just Suspension', that raced on the Sydney Dragway, which went on and won the Championship in 2014.

We later took that experience to focus on Passenger and 4WD/SUV vehicles but still remain affordable for our consumers. Ranging from Preassembled Passenger vehicle shocks to Heavy duty nitro 4WD shocks .

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